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The Cornelius Castoriadis/Agora International (CC/AI) Website has been made possible with the sponsorship of the University of Michigan Libraries and Beau David Case, Field Librarian for Classical Studies, in conjunction with Agora International—a "loi 1901" association, registered in France, which is committed to furthering the project of autonomy in all its facets.

For those unfamiliar with him and his work, Cornelius Castoriadis (1922-1997), was a philosopher, political thinker, social critic, practicing psychoanalyst, renowned Sovietologist, and economist who cofounded the now legendary revolutionary journal and group Socialisme ou Barbarie (1948-1967). S. ou B. developed a radical critique of Communism based upon the idea of workers' management and exerted a great influence upon the student-worker rebellion in Paris in May 1968. Until his death a decade ago, Castoriadis continued to write on politics, society, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the imagination from his distinctive perspective that was inspired by the "project of autonomy."

A good introduction to his philosophical-political itinerary may be found (in English) in his General Introduction to the first volume of his Political and Social Writings (trans. David Ames Curtis [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1988]) and in "Done and To Be Done," in the Castoriadis Reader (Cambridge, MA, and Oxford, England: Blackwell Publishers, 1997). See also the "Castoriadis Obituary" page on the current Website.

The ambition of the Cornelius Castoriadis/Agora International Website Bibliographies and Webographies featured here is to include all known texts by and about Castoriadis in all languages, whether print-based or on the web. We currently have bibliographies in seventeen languages. Volunteer Castoriadis bibliographers in other languages are welcome to offer their assistance by contacting: Agora International, c/o David Ames Curtis: CURTIS@MSH-PARIS.FR 27, rue Froidevaux 75014 Paris FRANCE.

Included on the initial version of the CC/AI Website is the Castoriadis News. People with news to be circulated are requested to contact the same address as above.

We have since added the Cornelius Castoriadis/Agora International Interview, a "Teaching Castoriadis" section, and a complete listing of the Tables of Contents of all forty issues of Socialisme ou Barbarie

As this Website develops, discussion groups and other CC/AI Website activities will become possible. Persons well versed in website construction are invited to volunteer their expertise. The future projects of this website will depend upon the initiative and inspiration of all those who wish to participate.

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