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English-Language Bibliography of Writings About Cornelius Castoriadis

N.B.: This draft bibliography is an updated and reorganized version of the English-language bibliographies of writings about Cornelius Castoriadis that appeared in Cornelius Castoriadis's Political and Social Writings, translated and edited by David Ames Curtis, volume 1 (©1988 by the University of Minnesota) and volume 3 (©1993 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota). Published and © by Agora International and used by permission of the University of Minnesota Press.

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N.B.: Cette bibliographie provisoire est une mise à jour et un remaniement des bibliographies anglaises des écrits sur Cornelius Castoriadis parues dans lesPolitical and Social Writingsde Cornelius Castoriadis, trad. et éd. par David Ames Curtis, tome 1 (©1988 par l'University of Minnesota) et tome 3 (©1993 par les Regents de l'University of Minnesota). Publication et droits de reproduction : Agora International avec la permission de l'University of Minnesota Press.

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Castoriadis Pseudonyms
(Pseudonymes de Castoriadis)

  • Paul Cardan
  • Pierre Chaulieu
  • Jean-Marc Coudray
  • Jean Delvaux
  • Marc Noiraud

English-Language Critical Assessments of and Responses to Castoriadis (and/or to Socialisme ou Barbarie):

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